What to consider when baking a classic sponge cake

Probably there is not one owner that is not prepared sponge cake. A Deposit of delicious sponge cake is of course well-cooked cakes. Despite the fact that the recipe itself is very simple sponge cake, preparing it properly is not so easy. Biscuit dough is very capricious and requires a lot of attention.



So, to prepare a classic dough using flour, eggs, sugar and baking powder. At first glance, everything is simple, but there is no need to know a few tricks. The first and probably most important - the yolks and whites need to be whipped separately. This is very important. Second, before whisking egg whites, add a very little pinch of salt, it will not be felt, but will allow proteins to wsbase into a rich lather. Better than whipped protein - the more elaborate our sponge cake. Third, whip the egg yolks until they become very bright and does not significantly increase in volume. Depends on the structure of the crust and how it will be soft.



The next secret, all the ingredients necessary for the preparation of biscuit dough should be about the same temperature. As practice shows, the lower the temperature, the better for our biscuit. Make sure that the dough did not get something greasy, then the cake will not rise and will not help him even the baking powder. The flour cannot be mixed with eggs with a mixer. In this case, our cake get clogged and no air. Using the whisk. Also, do not knead the dough too long, it will release the air bubbles.



Place the dough in a very well preheated oven. So the cake will grow well and will not dry. As for baking, do not open the oven before time, otherwise our sponge cake will sit and then it will be possible simply to throw away. Try to do without opening the oven while the cake is ready.



To check the readiness of the cake using toothpicks. But do it in extreme cases when you do not sure if the cake or not. Piercing the sponge You release the hot air and the cake can sit. To use the cake for making cake can be when it has fully cooled down.