Baked mackerel. How to cook fish perfectly.

For people who love fish, mackerel is one of the most favorite varieties of fish. The reasons for this quite a lot: healthy, inexpensive, tasty, simple to prepare, looks beautiful after cooking. There are many options for cooking mackerel, but the most ideal option is to bake the mackerel in the oven. Adhering to the following tips, Your fish will be incredibly delicious.



In order dish turned out as good as possible use the fresh and quality fish. If You are buying frozen fish, check the fish leather is a dark brown streaks. If they are, it indicates that the mackerel was frozen and unfrozen several times. If You take the fish for cooking be prepared for the fact that the structure is ready the fish will be quite unappetizing, and the fish will fall apart.




Do not marinate the mackerel for too long, otherwise it will harden. Ideal time to marinate is an hour and a half. To delicious to marinate the fish, You will need to take a few simple ingredients: salt, pepper, onion, lemon. Do not spare the salt, salt fish on all sides and inside too. Slice the lemon and onion half-rings, put them inside the fish. You can also form a bed of lemon and onion for Your mackerel. After adding all the ingredients, wrap the fish in foil, just make sure that all openings have been carefully closed.



Put my fish in a very well preheated oven (200 degrees). To the pan add half a Cup of water, then there will be excess smoke in the oven. Mackerel prepared quickly, ready enough for twenty minutes or a maximum of twenty-five. Be careful when pulling fish from the foil, with cut foil come out a powerful stream of hot steam. Before serving the fish on the table, you can pour it with lemon juice to accentuate the taste of baked mackerel. If you want to make the presentation original and use gourmet sea salt crystals, just place them around the perimeter of the plates on which lay a fish. This idea of serving meals have started to use recently.