Tips of making delicious Tiramisu

Tiramisu - the famous Italian dessert which is loved and known all over the world. So loved it was probably because of his soft creamy taste with a spicy note of strong coffee. It is made from mascarpone, eggs, Savoiardi sponge biscuits and coffee. A layered dessert as all the ingredients are laid out in layers in an unlimited number. Method of preparation of the dessert is considered to be moderate, for this you need to follow some helpful tips.



For what would the dessert turned out delicious, the first thing pridela special attention to the ingredients. The basis of the dessert is Mascarpone cheese, so it must be fresh and of good quality. Therefore, when buying Mascarpone, better not to save, as this depends on the taste of Your dessert. The second very important ingredient, it's coffee. Use for cooking espresso. Suggest to use a strong coffee, because a dessert will be fragrant and a shade sweet taste of cheese. Also, there is a little secret to give a slight piquancy dessert, espresso you can add a little cognac.



Now let's talk a little bit about our Savoiardi for tiramisu. This substance you can prepare yourself or buy in the store, this is how you want it. Importantly, the cookies were fresh. Two very important rules: dipping the liver only in cold coffee and one side only. If You dip the biscuits on both sides in coffee it'll just razmoknet and not appetizing to look at our dessert.



To dessert is so light and airy you need to properly prepare the Foundation of tiramisu, namely, cheese-egg mixture. According to this, separately, whip the egg whites and yolks with the sugar, and then I can add mascarpone and stir until smooth with a spatula, not a mixer, it's important. In this way, in the mixture be maintained more air bubbles.



To serve this dessert is best from the fridge, it is cooling and feel every ingredient.Tiramisu is decorated in a classic way - sprinkled with a thick layer of cocoa powder. You can also put a mint leaf, it will dilute and freshen the look of our Tiramisu. Of course you can garnish with strawberries or some sort of fruit or berries, this is at Your discretion.