The secrets of the perfect dumplings

Vareniki is a traditional Ukrainian dish that is popular in many countries around the world. We have them prepared in every family and almost everyone who does not like this dish. The dumplings consist of two parts: the dough and filling.



In order that the dumplings turned out delicious and soft it is very important to properly cook the dough. According to this, try to choose a flour of good quality, with plenty of fiber, so the dough will be well kneaded and will not become liquid for some time. A little secret: don't use cold water to prepare the dough, take hot water, but not boiling water. Also, do not overdo it with the eggs, if you add too many of them in the dough, it will be solid and then the dumplings are not as tasty. Remember, the longer you knead the dough, so it will be elastic and soft but not to soft after boiling during cooking. Also, with this dough easier to shape the dumplings, as it will not stick to hands.



Sculpt pierogi is quite simple: make small dough circles, it is very important that they were thin on the circle put a spoonful of the filling and fold circle of dough in half and press the edges. It is important that the edges are well stuck together, then the filling will not flow out and the dumpling will remain intact.



Now let's talk about the fillings for dumplings, In fact, all possible types of fillings are not so easy to count because of their number. Here are the most common filling for dumplings: potatoes, cabbage, buckwheat, mushrooms, onions, meat, cheese. In fact, the dumplings do not only with savory fillings, and sweet. These fillings are made from different berries and fruits ( blueberries, currants, cherries, apples), you can also make sweet dumplings with cottage cheese.



Dumplings were tastier for them are watering, it could be onions fried until Golden in sunflower oil, butter melted, fried cubes of bacon or bacon. The sweet dumplings sprinkled with sugar, or you can add a little butter, sour cream or yogurt. They are served traditionally with sour cream. If someone doesn't like dumplings with sour cream, they cook the gravy with meat or mushrooms. You can also decorate with greens and served on a separate plate of pickles: cucumbers and tomatoes.