Prepare delicious Apple pie

Apple pie is delicious and the easiest to prepare Apple pie. And really, cooking this dessert takes very little time, but the taste it does not suffer. Apple pie can be considered a fall dessert in how much it includes apples, and they, as a rule, fruits etc. Besides apples for cooking Charlotte used a fairly simple set of products: butter, sugar, flour, milk, eggs.



It is very important to choose the right apples for Charlotte because it depends on what the texture will be our dessert. If you take too juicy apples, our Apple pie will be too wet and sticky. If you take too firm apples, there is a possibility that he can't sufficiently grilled and will remain hardish, but it is not combined with a soft and airy cake. Another point, do not overdo it with the apples to make one pie is enough 5 medium apples. When You have selected the perfect apples for our Charlotte, clean peeled, cut out the middle and remove the stone. Apples should be cut into not too large cubes.



When the apples are prepared, you can take on the dough. The dough for Charlotte prepares easy, but here we give you some useful tips. Sift the flour through a sieve into a bowl, so it formed air bubbles. First, mix all the dry ingredients: flour, starch, baking powder, salt. The salt in the dough is added to make the taste more intense. Butter cut into cubes, this is better to take well-chilled butter. RUB the butter and flour until crumbs form. Then, I advise, mix all the liquid ingredients, namely eggs, milk. And only in the last turn add the sugar to the egg-molochnoy mixture.



The last step before baking Charlotte is the mixing of all components of our Charlotte. In a deep bowl with the dry ingredients pour the apples, stir to each piece lying around in the flour, then there is sent to the egg mixture and mix everything thoroughly. The form in which to bake Apple pie, brush with oil and sprinkle liberally with breadcrumbs. Bake the pie about forty-five minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. After you get the Apple pie from the oven, immediately sprinkle with sugar, then forms a crispy crust.