Tips on how to cook delicious pancakes

Pancakes - a well known dish that is so loved in our country. This dish is very nutritious as it is cooked from potatoes and fried in a large amount of oil, but it is so fond of both adults and children. In fact, to prepare this popular dishes use a fairly simple set of ingredients: potatoes, eggs, flour, onion and spices. Of course you can still use other ingredients, for example, the quotient, carrots, mayonnaise, here already everything depends on your taste.



For starters, you need to prepare potatoes as a main ingredient. Potatoes peeled and three on the meerschaum grater or grind in a blender. Then, add in the onion, it can be crushed with a blender. But, a little advice, if you chop the onions very finely with a knife, the taste will be much better and will not taste bitter. The second important step is the addition of eggs and flour. It is best to first whisk the eggs and then gradually add the flour, carefully mixing. Definitely need to follow to avoid kamocki of flour. A mixture of flour and eggs added to Certosa potatoes. Add the spices: salt, black pepper as well and add a little paprika and turmeric. Turmeric will give the pancakes a beautiful yellowish color. The consistency of the pancakes should be thick, but not too much, about applesauce. If you make the mass too thin, the pancakes will spread on the pan to absorb the oil and even after cooking will keep the shape.



Fry pancakes best in a pan with a thick bottom and a large amount of oil. After you put in the pan the pancakes, make the fire a little weaker, but not too much. It is not necessary to fry the pancakes on a very low heat, then how many pancakes will absorb too much oil. If you want to remove from the pancakes extra oil can after frying lay them on paper towels and then top with the wet wipes. This Lifehacker will help You make the pancakes a little less caloric.



Traditionally, pancakes are eaten with sour cream. But feeding from you and other sauces: garlic, mushroom or tomato. If you want to surprise your guests with pancakes, and then you can put them in earthen jars, to fill with sour cream with herbs and spices and jam and cheese and put bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, then this simple dish will be more interesting, flavorful and delicious.