Cook soup with meatballs

One of the most popular and well-known to us from our childhood soups is meatball soup. Meatballs are meatballs made with minced meat and spices. Indeed, the soup we prepared at the kindergarten, school, home. This is not surprising because preparing soup is a quick, easy and with simple ingredients. Easy clear broth, soft boiled vegetables, and meatballs - all of this gives sweet taste, the taste of childhood. To prepare the soup with meatballs used: potatoes, carrots, onions, parsley root, minced meat, spices. Of course, there are a few additional ingredients, but it depends on Your taste. For example, the soup you can add pasta. It is best to use thin and short variety, then the soup is too thick, as in the case, if we add pasta to large size. You can still add rice, just not to get porridge instead of soup, enough to pour 3 tablespoons of rice. Also, to the soup with meatballs add mushrooms or tomatoes, this is how someone like.



Special attention should be paid namely to the meatballs, as they make the usual soup so unusual. Meatballs from minced meat. Meat for stuffing you can take any: pork, chicken, beef, Turkey - all these weights are ideal for preparing meatballs. Preparing the stuffing is quite simple: meat mince, add salt and pepper. To meatballs turned out to be more vkusnymi, to the stuffing, you can add half the onion, it is also possible to pass through a meat grinder. If You have time, can you give the meat to stand for an hour-the second, so it will absorb the smell and taste of onions and spices. Meatballs are quite simple: take a teaspoon of the stuffing and shape the meatballs. The size of the meatballs can be any, the main thing that they were the same, so we exclude that one meatball have time to boil and the other is not.



Soup start cooking as standard, cut vegetables put in a pan with water and put on boil. There is a small Council, still cold water, add a piece of butter, enough to be 20 grams. The butter will boil and give a very nice flavor to our soup. When potatoes are ready, you can send the soup our meatballs. For ten minutes or fifteen they are ready. At the end of cooking can add chopped fresh herbs, dill, for example.