Salad of cabbage and meat,
The first word that comes out of the mouth of the interlocutor, when he shall announce the composition of the salad and promise that it will be insanely delicious - "don't believe". Everyone knows that the salad is edible, but delicious - don't believe the first time no one (not even I believe). But I will say You are not embellishing, even once the salad I left on the table after the celebration, rather it is always eat the guests (and my home) in the first place - to what extent it was cooked!!! And taking everything the recipe asked for further meetings to prepare more and more... I Present to You a salad of cabbage, carrots, beets and roasted meat. In any case, who does not believe, suggest, try, do, it cooks very quickly and of the products that is certainly in the kitchen!


  • Cabbage

    700 g

  • Carrots

    2 piece

  • Beets

    1 piece

  • Salt

    0.5 Tbsp

  • Meat

    300 g

  • Mayonnaise

    4 Tbsp

  • Vegetable oil

    2 Tbsp


Cabbage is better to take salad varieties, it is more soft and juicy. But durum potato salad turns out great, but to him, in this case, you need a little more time. So, we will need approximately polachan cabbage, one medium beet and one or two carrots. Why so vague? Carrots and beets in netherton should be about the same amount. I specifically measured the weight of the products. The result was the beet one at 180 g and two carrots 180 g. Although who some beets and some carrots, because it can happen and Vice versa)))
Cabbage shinkuem (will try smaller, because not all cabbage is soft-succulent), carrots and beets grate on a grater.
All these ingredients put in a bowl, add postolowo tsp of salt (I have no slides, coarse) and minutes to all the vegetables gave me some juice, and a beet and even color.
Leave the vegetables to enjoy each other and move on to a little piece of meat, which alone bored and happily awaiting his fate. The meat can be any, the main thing is that you can trim the pieces without bones. Meat cut into stripes as thin as the beef Stroganoff, but the length in short - see 3,about 5-4. Ilocki remove and fat too (if caught).
In the pan pour sunflower oil (1-2 tablespoons - someone's frying pan), heat. In hot oil add meat. Fry. Until the meat looks cooked - not salt, not pepper, just stir.
And when the juice of it boiled away, getting a little meat to be roasted can be a little salt and poperchit (perhaps this is not necessary, but my family love to pull of roasting meat from the frying pan, and I, to confess, and salted, it is delicious... mmmm)
The meat was roasted (don't have long to broil - 5 minutes will be enough, so it does not become stale). Add it to the vegetables, which are already exchanged juices.
Mix and add 3-4 tablespoons of mayonnaise (now slide). I understand that mayonnaise is not a useful product, but with sour cream or with butter, this salad loses all the charm. If someone is against this mayonnaise, you can also prepare the mayonnaise with your hands, and it will not be so harmful. Yes, added and stirred. In principle, it is already possible on the table. BUT if this salad could stand another five minutes in the fridge, it will be well, just adorable!!! And again, the children knead for both cheeks (and all my friends children are very difficult to get to eat beetroot))) Bon appetit, I advise you to try!
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