Trout hot smoked
I bought here a pretty forelka weighing 1, 2 kg and decided not just on steaks, chop and fry and make something for Sunday, of course. And I have matured the decision to prepare from fish 3 meals. Head, tail, skin, fins for soup. One part raspolirovki fish on the skewers (about this report later, the process is still ongoing). And the second part, which was left with a ridge and a skin - on smoked. Take!!


  • Trout

    0.5 piece

  • Salt

  • Liquid smoke


So here is our 1/2 fish with backbone and skin. Now we will put some salt and liquid smoke. The skin and can pausedstate, and where the meat, so little to prisolit and attach themselves. Leave this our polaramine 40 minutes skin down: there is all the moisture going and pelt pickles
Get aerogrill, on average latticed, at a temperature of 180 degrees, and the average speed of curing our beauty 25-30 minutes. It took me 27 minutes. I define readiness as the ridge, if easily separated, then the fish is ready.
At the end of this process, wrapped in foil, let even think a little, how would it be even tastier!! Of course, the sample is already removed - could not resist - yum, I tell You, my Powerade!! Come visit us!! Wait!!
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