Yemeni adjika
The chutney once brought to Israel Yemenis. It can be safely attributed to the recipes of "updates". To prepare it all year round, since the red and green of Shug need a very small set of products which always are on sale. In the middle East for Shug no matter the season, but we are so long were waiting for the barbecue season, now is the best time to cook it! In addition to meat Shug is perfect for vegetables, pasta, and cheese, and even will fit like a pizza sauce. In General, a lot of variants, and applications in the kitchen he doesn't count, here the main condition is to love spicy food.


  • Pepper Cayenne

    6 piece

  • Pepper

    2 piece

  • Greens

    2 coup

  • Garlic

    2 piece

  • Lemon

    1 piece

  • Olive oil

    100 ml

  • Spices

  • Salt

    1 tsp

  • Mint

    1 coup


Don't be afraid reading the long description! Just in details and try not to miss the nuances and details of my Kozeroga reality) gave Me this recipe, written in 6 lines, but I do not know, unfortunately. So, it's simple and fast! Red Shug. Vegetables, lemon and parsley good wash and dry. The green you can leave the roots. Lemon to roll on the table with the push to squeeze more juice.
First, prepare the red bell pepper, roasted need it. I bake it on the stand for the coffee pot on the fire is less than the average, turning with tongs by the tail. The pepper should be charred, it will take about 5 to 8 minutes. Then, holding the pepper with tongs, to substitute it under a stream of cold running water and quickly remove the skin. It takes just a second if his entire skin is well charred. The photo in the lower left corner is not quite finished pepper) Write briefly on the Board to cool.
The parsley, chop roughly and put into blender, add 1 head of cleaned and parsed into the garlic cloves. Hot red pepper clean from seeds, cut into 2-3 pieces and add to bowl. For fans of super spicy you can leave in the pepper seeds. To do the same with roasted peppers,
Add 50 ml olive oil (I cook with vegetable) and squeeze through a strainer the half lemon. Insert the leg immersion blender and punching the mixture, starting at the top, the pasta will be ready in less than a minute. Add a teaspoon of salt (no slides), spices: cloves, cardamom, cumin (Jeera), paprika, coriander, black pepper. Mix well. All! Red Shug is ready, the output 0,5 l
Green Shug. Is prepared similarly, only green peppers and a large bunch cilantro, 50 ml oil and juice of the second lemon half, plus spices. The output is the same - about 500 ml, depends on the juiciness of the pepper. The rest of the paste in the bowl of a blender do not rush to flush! Add the pieces of white bread and punch on the "pulse" mode - get a tasty and fragrant crumbs for sprinkling a variety of casseroles! Keep Shug in the fridge for more than a month for sure, no longer worked.
This pasta is prepared in every house on their own, in the sense of spices. For example, I don't like cloves and don't add it. You can also cook like green, red and Shug with a mix of cilantro and parsley in half and add the mint leaves, and arbitrarily, even though there's a bunch. If you are not a sour lemon, you can add more juice or a teaspoon of vinegar and the taste will only get brighter. I add vinegar, but that's just my imagination, maybe even blasphemous), you Can add fresh Basil and then taste any herbs and spices.
I'm in love with Shug almost everything! Of course, to dip the pieces of meat are delicious, but as delicious vegetables! You can add Shug in a salad or use as a spread on bread for sandwiches, or use it in place of marinara sauce on pizza, not to mention the falafel in the pita with hummus and Shug!
And yet, I dare to offer such an option: before chopping foods, add a few halves of a walnut and punch all together - it will be a very different taste, but only better!
By the time I have spent on the preparation of two types of Shug no more than an hour, with the roasting sweet peppers and thoroughly wash greens. Longer to write. Again, I apologize for the photos taken on the phone where they look much better than in a recipe) Cook, change the spices and be always in a good mood and, of course, healthy!
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