Flower of onion
In the book, for which I did this flower, it is called "the rose&q uot;. But as the photos in this book not to compare my item I have nothing. And I have it on rose, don't pull, so let it be just a flower.


  • Onion

    10 piece

  • Water

  • Vinegar


Clean the onion, not cutting off the root of the seal, and only good clearing from the roots.
Make 4-5 incisions (I have 4) at a depth of 2-3 layers (I have 2)
Extreme layers (petals) is bent, and notched the inner layers are removed with a knife. Do it all with the greatest care, because the petals are very brittle.
Again cut the layers of the onion, moving the cuts relative to the petals. Incised the first layer leaving, and the inner layers are again removed.
Repeat these steps until, until we reach the middle of the bulb.
Further, the authors recommend to place the flower in hot water. What time is not written, I held a few seconds...
... and then briefly in a vinegar marinade. About the composition of the marinade, too, said nothing, so I just poured it in a bowl of cold water and splashed a little bit of vinegar.
That's all. Take out the product from the marinade, dry it (or, like me, just otrajeniem) and put up on the dish which we want to decorate.
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