Stuffed cucumbers
An unusual way of using cucumbers, which they are almost pickled and absorb the flavor of minced meat, and he, in turn, is very good in combination with onions, ginger and soy sauce.


  • Cucumber

    500 g

  • Minced meat

    200 g

  • Onion

    100 g

  • Ginger

    10 g

  • Soy sauce

    3 Tbsp

  • Black pepper


Cucumbers cut into cubes with a length of 4 cm, the pulp is carefully removed to make a tube.
To the mince and added chopped onion, worn on a fine grater ginger, soy sauce and pepper.
Cucumber rolls filled with minced meat and placed in the steamer, where they will spend 20 minutes or until tender.
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