Purified melted butter
Imagine a versatile oil that can be used many times, which gives a truly magical taste all the dishes that can be stored for CENTURIES (!!!) and which, with all that is infinitely good for your health! Presented? No, I think. This wonderful oil is called "Ghee&qu ot;! I want you to imagine today.


  • Butter

    750 g

  • Spices


So, the long awaited recipe for the many whom I promised to upload for those who asked me to post it as soon as possible. :-) It's a magical oil can be prepared in the usual way, or you can flavor it with spices. I like the second, so you'll have to add a couple of extra steps. So, first we need to prepare a piece of gauze, folded four times and put in it the needed spice. A lot of options - you can put pots of pepper, and cloves, and Bay leaf, and sesame, whatever, or not putting anything at all. I put 1 tbsp of sesame (sesame), a pinch of black cumin and 10 carnations.
Now we need to tie the cheesecloth so as to get such a cute bag. This pouch can be temporarily set them aside. The proposed mixture of spices for 750g oil: 1. Jíra GI - 1.5 tbsp Indian cumin (jíra) + 3-4 leaf curry (if possible). 2. Kala Mirch Ki - 1 tbsp black, white or dark green pepper. 3. Lung GI - 12 carnations + 1 tbsp of sesame seeds.
Now the main thing, the process of making our magical butter. Take three packs (750g) unsalted butter with fat content of not less than 80%. I have not been able to buy homemade butter, but it is best to use it, because homemade butter is almost guaranteed there will be no chemicals and impurities, and especially margarine. Choosing oil for GHEE, you need to be 100% confident in it.
Cut the butter pieces grams fifty and put them in a pot WITH THICK WALLS AND THICK BOTTOM. I've highlighted in large font, because this is very important, because otherwise the oil will stick to the walls and GHEE will be spoiled. Leave the pan for a couple of hours at room temperature to become soft.
Now put the saucepan on the stove, turn on MEDIUM heat and melt the butter. Occasionally and very carefully stir in butter to melt evenly.
Once the butter has melted and comes to a boil, reduce the heat to a minimum, the oil should boil, but just a little bit below the surface of the oil barely swayed.
At this point, begin to gather foam.
Right about now, it's time to throw in the oil our magic bag of magic herbs, i.e. with spices, and now the pan can be left alone for an hour or two. We will only observe the process and enjoy the indescribable nut-caramel flavor of the butter and the intoxicating magic dope our magical herbs.
After an hour and a half we should see something like this. The foam is thick and not so tender as was at first. Now you must carefully move the foam with a spoon and look at the bottom of the pan. There we should see Golden-brown precipitate through a completely transparent oil. Yes, Yes! You heard right, the oil must be absolutely transparent! If so, then move on to the next step.
Now we need neat to remove all the foam from the top. It must be done without touching the bottom, so as not to disturb the sediment.
The foam in no case do not throw away! It is very delicious and, moreover, useful. It can be added anywhere and the dish will immediately become incredible a terrific flavor. For instance, in Fig.
Strain the hot butter through a strainer, which is lined with folded four times gauze. Try to drain so that the flakes that were in the sediment, and remained in the saucepan without falling in gauze. Look how amazing looks our GHEE while it's hot. The color of the purest amber.
Now GHEE can be poured into glass jars, close them with lids and place in a cool place. In the fridge to put not necessarily. Properly cooked GHEE can be stored anywhere and indefinitely.
And so our butter will look like the next day, when thickens. Wow, I said wiping the sweat from his forehead, tired of typing! All happiness and health!
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