Honey gingerbread in a slow cooker
The recipe for this gingerbread I was interested in his cooking process! And the result exceeded all expectations!! Gingerbread it turns out two times larger than the original test!! And there's a delicious, lush, with a rich honey color! Persuaded to look? ;) Of course, the recipe is suitable for the oven! But those, who do not like honey, you can replace it with a thick fruit or berry syrup. Help yourself!


  • Honey

    2 Tbsp

  • Chicken egg

    2 piece

  • Sugar

    1 cup

  • Butter

    100 g

  • Sour cream

    4 Tbsp

  • Soda

    1 tsp

  • Flour

    2 cup

  • Dried fruits

    100 g


So, the first thing, combine the honey (liquid or melted in a water bath, or syrup) with soda and allow to stand for 5-10 min.
The recipe used faceted glass, not multi. Add eggs and sugar, stir until smooth, to achieve the sugar is dissolved - do not need! Leave alone for another 5 min.
It was the turn of melted butter! Uniformity and tradition - 5 minutes!
Now sour cream, and dried fruit/nuts - uniformity! + 5 min!
Well, the last step is to sifted flour! Spoon achieve a homogeneous dough, it is like a thick cream! 5 min? :) If you are tired, I can do without them this time! :)
Spread the dough in the bowl multivarki (oiled rust. oil) and put on baking mode for 80 min. Or focus on your slow cooker. The volume of my bowl 4.5 l Check with a wooden skewer. In the oven bake for about 40-50 minutes at a temperature of 180-190 degrees.
So rise our beauty!
And here is the result! Of course, the gingerbread is delicious on its own and it turns out moderately sweet! It can be used as the base for the cake, divided into several cakes! A pleasant tea for you and your family! For a wonderful recipe thank user Ekaterina2212.
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