Orphan pilaf
The recipe is long ago found on the Internet. It's so delicious that just for the sake of this recipe you can buy multi-cooker. On the stove such a gorgeous barley will never be. She somehow reveals: swelling, filled with meat juice and becomes so "puffy", soft, and the ventricles are so soft that their "you can eat with lips." And, importantly, the recipe is very budget and so tasty that after preparing once, you will cook it again and again. I guarantee that the taste will please even those who don't like barley. We will cook in multivarka VITEK VT-4207R


  • Chicken stomachs

    0.5 kg

  • Fat

    100 g

  • Pearl barley

    2 cup

  • Carrots

    2 piece

  • Cabbage

    300 g

  • Onion

    1 piece

  • Garlic

    3 tooth


We will cook in multivarka VITEK VT-4207R IN the pan so tasty barley does not work. In a slow cooker it does NOT burn, water does Not boil over, put all forgot - all cooked on its own, but the taste... don't know why is called "Orphan pilaf" - under this title I found it a long time ago on the Internet, so long ago that I don't know where. If you are the author, with great pleasure will tell him thank you.
Take stomachs. I have Turkey gizzards from the Turkey, but I cooked with chicken and with pork heart, everything turns out delicious. Cut arbitrarily. My stomachs a little fatty, so I'm no fat was added.
If I cook from the heart (it is absolutely no fat) or the stomachs of store that too without the fat, then take a fat chicken, cut, put in multiverse include mode "Browning". When the fat starts to melt, toss the sliced heart or stomach.
While the stomachs of fry, cut the onions, carrots, crushed 2-3 cloves of garlic, add to the pot. Close the lid and fry for 5-7 minutes more.
Shred the cabbage and add to the pot. Left on mode "Roasting" even for 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes, mix, add washed barley. Soak the barley it is NOT NECESSARY!!!
Add 4 cups hot water (at the rate of 1 tbsp. barley 2 cups water), add salt, pepper, optional Bay leaf. Put on the mode "Stewing". I have at this mode, the barley was ready in 1.5 hours. By this time she is fully ready. But if you set 2 hours, the barley will not fall apart and will become even richer. I put the pilaf in the morning and go to work, when the kids come home from school, have lunch, delicious and aromatic perlovska. Warm, crumbly, tender... the Meat just melts in your mouth.
My mom on the spirit of the barley does not tolerate, but when it once we have "caught" this pilaf, even asked for more. I very highly recommend to cook the risotto - not remain indifferent.
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