Marinated mackerel with ginger touch
On the website a sufficient amount of recipes and mackerel, some tried, some not. But to prepare this recipe all hands did not reach (though it is recorded I have not enough time))). And now he has become one of the favorite. I suggest to you to try my version.


  • Mackerel

    3 piece

  • Salt

    6 Tbsp

  • Water

    2 l

  • Carnation

    3 piece

  • Onion

    3 piece

  • Garlic

    4 tooth

  • Vinegar

    6 Tbsp

  • Vegetable oil

    70 ml

  • Sugar

    1 Tbsp

  • Ginger

    1 Tbsp

  • Coriander

    1 tsp


Dilute the salt in 0,5 l of boiling water, until dissolved. Dilute with cold water to a total volume of 2 L.
Mackerel my guts, cut off the head. Put in a convenient container, add the cloves and cover with water. Remove to the balcony on the day (approx. +5 somewhere).
The next day, prepare the marinade. Mix vinegar, sugar, vegetable oil, coriander and ginger.
Cut onion into half rings, garlic thin slices. On the bottom of the container put 1/3 of onions and garlic.
Fish cut into pieces approx 1.5 cm Lay the first layer of fish on the bow (2).
Fall asleep the second part of the onions and garlic and put the rest of the fish.
Close all the remaining onion and garlic and gently, with a spoon, pour marinade. Close the lid (it should fit snugly) and a bit of turn, distribute the marinade. Put into the fridge for the night. I periodically turned over the container to evenly fill.
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