The cake
Light, almost weightless airy sponge cake and delicate butter cream. Almonds and coconut. How do you find such company? In my opinion, is just wonderful! With a Cup of morning coffee or a mug of freshly brewed tea... help yourselves, it's very tasty.


  • Flour

    150 g

  • Almonds

    70 g

  • Sugar

    200 g

  • Chicken egg

    5 piece

  • Butter

    200 g

  • Powdered sugar

    40 g

  • Condensed milk

    300 g

  • Coconut shavings

    40 g

  • Milk

    150 ml

  • Butter

    1 Tbsp

  • Coconut shavings


Biscuit. Almonds clean, grind almost to flour. (you can use ready-made almond flour)
Beat eggs with sugar on the most powerful speed of the mixer to increase the weight in 3-4 times.
Sift flour, mix with chopped almonds and 4-5 receptions to enter into the egg-sugar mixture. Every time to mix the dough very gently with a spatula movements from the bottom up, but carefully.
Bowl MV (volume 5 l, 22 cm diameter) greased with butter. Put the dough paddle in the bowl. Select the bake mode, set the time to 60 minutes.
After the beep, to disable MV, but the cover is not open for 10-15 minutes. Then open the lid and leave the sponge in the bowl for another 15 minutes.
To get the cake from the bowl, place on a wire rack and cool completely. (I bake the cake in advance, in the evening. Shook it in clingfilm, leave overnight in the fridge. Then in the morning it only remains to assemble the cake.)
Cream. Coconut pour the warm milk for half an hour.
Soft beat butter with powdered sugar. Still whisking, pour in the condensed milk.
Coconut thoroughly wring out the milk. (milk does not pour!) Add it to the cream, mix well. (by the way, the cream can also be prepared in the evening and put it in the fridge)
Cut the cooled cake into three layers.
Each cake impregnated with milk, which was soaked coconut. (the upper crust is to impregnate stronger)
To coat cakes with cream, collect the cake. The cream does not save, it turns out a sufficient amount.
Cream coat and sides of cake. Sprinkle the cake with coconut shavings. Put in the fridge for at least half an hour. You're done!
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