Liqueur cherry
Vishnevetsky ... old Russian, for the recipe though very old, but not aging. Because we are close to, and in some places already began the season of cherry blossoms. He, this season, not too long. So it is time to stock up on this wonderful drink, which really will warm and delight your summer taste all year... until the next cherry season. Unless, of course, to cook it enough.


  • Cherry

    3 kg

  • Vodka

    2.5 l

  • Sugar

    500 g

  • Water

    2 l


Of course, this story, anyway - and yet the interpretation of an old Russian recipe. Remember the scene in the new film by Pushkin "the young Lady – the peasant". It, this scene, brilliantly played Lanovoy and Korableva. They sit at the table and ate the fruit liqueurs.... Here is one of those times. BUT!!! Of course, a few sharpened by modern business. But one thing is common – hasty is better to just dilute the vodka sinteticheski cherry syrup and eat. Our nalivajka – it is slow. Six weeks designed. So. Is ripe cherry. Selected the tastiest, most ripe.
Of course, my her and fingered – rotten berries we do not need. Tincture themselves are going to drink and friends to entertain. So responsibly.
Place the berries in the jars. So, rather so much for "ladies" consistency.
This "popolove". Get the "male" option. Not too strong, but about thirty degrees sure will.
Then pour ... or a good vodka, or alcohol mixed with well or spring water diluted. Just do not tap. Do not spoil the product. In the bottle this is the most good vodka is. "Absolute" that we are now in this very Chernogolovka and produce. Yes.... Do not use in any case pure alcohol. Simplistic and roughly – burn this delicious berry. Will burn all the enzymes. Generally speaking – most of what you need (tested already) good quality brew. The degrees thirty-eight.
Flooded so that the berries on the finger and a half of liquid was closed. Here I have a couple of words inserted. On this picture, the ladies ' version of brandy. Godkov more vodovki smaller.
And this is "popolove". Ie godkov smaller, and maybe more fuel. And the result will be a little stronger again. Harder. Although the taste is excellent.
And remove for two weeks. All these jars. Can be kept at room temperature, it is possible to the cellar to take it. Stickers don't forget to stick. The date bookmarks. Will not be superfluous. The results will not change.
And here – in two weeks.
As you can see, in addition to color, the fluid level has dropped. Berries in yourself and have absorbed the juice given. Themselves swollen, life-giving moisture saturated. She moisture this is useful to us.
Merge with this device obtained the product and leave it outside. In the same cellar.
Berries after a two week vodka bath blackness. Of course! Two weeks of binge drinking....
Here is "lady".
And popolove like this.
I couldn't resist. Tried. There are already taste and aroma. It is, of course, can stop. BUT!!! First, we are committed to the authenticity of the recipe, and secondly, do and "for the ladies" too, and the resulting product is still very strong and not too sweet. Ie even sour. Although saturated. And popolove did ... close to the original product.
Now take sugar. At the rate of about four hundred grams on the jar. Want sweeter? Then take more. In General, adjust to your own taste.
And filled in jars with berries. It is believed that it is necessary sugar to keep on top. He is the type of solution itself and will settle. But! I went the other way. Picked up and questioned, so that the sugar mixed with the berries.
In the "popravku" sugar less need to fill. Here the excessive sweetness to anything.
These jars, with berries covered with sugar, leave it alone ... also in two weeks.
... And two weeks later. We pulled from the basement of the banks, who poured sugar. I, by the way, every two or three days went, shook up. Without fanaticism, but carefully. It may not be necessary. But what's done is already passed. Through a strainer and poured the syrup. That's what he is. I tried it too. Sweet, the dog. But the taste of alcohol is also felt. Sugar pulled out of the cherry vodka juice...
Mix that was drained last time and what happened in this one. Try. The taste is sweet. In my opinion too. Although the ladies said – tight!!! BUT!!! I wouldn't say that. So I decided to do so. Popolnoma recognized ready to eat and put aside, and the "ladies" finish the recipe according to the instructions.
So, cherry, which..., see after the sweet life cherry again went dark. ... You have become so concentrated bright ... sweet and alcoholic touch.
So pour berries with water. Attention! It is not necessary to take any, save the Creator, boiled water. You need to take, the best, well, fresh. Delicious. So pour. And from time to time do not forget the banks to flip. Yet they will stand in the cellar for another two weeks.
And here it is – the final act. Take out the jars, which we refilled water. They stood for two weeks, as has been said, with periodic shaking.
Merge, filtering. And then mix it with what has accumulated "in the bins". From "ladies", of course, stock. More suitable cookware, this pan is not found. It is necessary to mix the whole product, for the purity, that is to say, compliance technology.
Here I ... well, decided the fortress measure. While the alcoholometer found at the pharmacies – about ten times sweating. And the weight of such a proud determine that the fortress does not exceed ten degrees. And then one of my friends friend, a chemist he is, to me ocheeen tactfully explained that the alcoholometer is a hydrometer and it measures correctly the density of pure water – alcohol mixture. And in my nalivajka and cherry juice, and sugar added. And no, not that the correct values will not work, and even more or less approximate to the true will not. So – the photo I mean, but the strength of the drink is not defined.
Pour it into a decanter, then in glasses... (it's "popolove").
And here IT is!!! "Popolove". And so it happened, as he spoke. Feels like – degrees in the area of thirty. But a soft sour taste. With a small hint of sweet. You know, like a cherry not quite ripe as a snack used. And no vodka taste. The color is also clear. Cherry – unsaturated, so to speak.
Ladies. Then the picture is different. Taste ... though there is acidity, but with a greater emphasis in the sweetness. That is just really rich taste of well-ripened cherries. Even a little overripe. And the fortress ... still about ten degrees. Plus or minus two. No more. And very easy to drink. BUT!!! But what? More on that later.
But all the same, comrades, got pure ambrosia!!!
Now to sum up. 1. "Kostukovichi". Very much in the discussion of this recipe was told that the bone should be removed, because they all harmful beastly, and beastly this drink was poisoned. I do not know. Three years already doing this infusion. Ten buckets of just been used, and never complained of any negative factors. Tried this year to do a little pitted. I do not advise. It seems nice, but the taste if to compare, just no. So ... pathetic. 2. "Ladies." Be careful. The ease is quite heavy as any other "liqueur" poletarac.... This is a ladies option! Therefore, the format of usage should be the same. Ladies. And don't try to add wadowicki clean, tight it tight goes, but "not so." Arrogative obtained. 3. "Popolove". Really quite delicious, fragrant and delicious, it turns nalivajka. Very reasonable and feels "for men". If someone wants to have a product that is called stronger, it's just the amount pledged cherry in the first tab and the second sugar – reduce. Get less sweet and more robust infusion. 4. "Drunk cherry". Tried. It is, of course, you can use it to, say, eating (even without bread), how would we in the unforgettable years of youth, or some cake, for example, to bake. But!!! I do not advise. In General I did not like. And ... the owner – a gentleman. Maybe it just will. So, citizens, I highly recommend. Nalivajka this goes on "Hurrah" at the table. Other drinks very much remain "in the shadows". Even the most eminent. Angel you for a meal.
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