Apple jam
And again I have a jam :). I love this thing - cook jams is much easier and faster than jam. And Apple, in General, a classic. The recipe is simple, and why "ECONOMICAL"? Come and find out!


  • Apple

    2 kg

  • Sugar

    1 kg

  • Water

    0.5 cup


Suitable for jam apples ripe or slightly unripe: fruits contain a lot of pectin, and cooked jam out of them will be good to heliroute.
Well all wash and peel apples in one pan, cleanup another
Take the prepared sugar (it can take more, but I don't like much sweet, in principle, the focus should be on the apples) and put in the apples, well trotted to sugar were distributed.
Now take a clean and pour in it water. Put on medium heat and proverjaem 10 minutes. Allow to cool slightly and carefully pour the resulting liquid (it is already more original) in apples. It is saving :) "no crumbs for the enemy"
And then everything is simple - put on the fire and cook until tender (30-40 min.), mix well, reduce the heat, ovarium. It takes me about an hour one time. When the mass is 2 times less than the initial, check the readiness: drip on a saucer, allow to cool and see if does not flow, you're done!
Hot jam spread on dry, sterilised jars and close.
I got 3 cans of 0.5 liters and a little more
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