Eggplant frozen
Winter promised the recipe to spread. Now, finally, got around.


  • Eggplant

  • Salt


Immediately apologize for the salt in the ingredients. In this recipe nothing but eggplants don't need, and less than 2 ingredients is not accepted ((( what attack? Thoroughly wash the eggplant, wipe with a towel and in the oven until fully cooked. (Until soft)
Eggplant ready. Holding their tails, carefully remove the skin.
Vooot such they work.
Now, cut off the tails on the packages. I have more 3 PCs in a package not put. Everything is ready. Time spent not a lot and we get a finished product with all sohranenie it with vitamins.
Situtsiya guests at the door: Take a bag of eggplant, quickly in the microwave to defrost. Eggplant after thawing does not become mushy and soft. Finely chop the eggplant cubes.
Add the garlic, onion rings, tomato (optional) it all poured fragrant oil. And a great salad already on the table
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