Pellet yogurt with millet and cheese
I can't help myself: I love tortillas! For simplicity, taste and genre diversity. Quickly, easily, effectively! Today will pellet with the grain, why not use it in the stuffing? moreover, it is incredibly delicious.


  • Yogurt

    500 ml

  • Salt

  • Flour

    500 g

  • Soda

    0.5 tsp

  • Cheese

    200 g

  • Millet

    1 pack

  • Greens

    1 coup

  • Peppers red hot chilli

  • Vegetable oil

    100 ml


Here is the basic set of products. Fresh herbs from the garden, feta cheese and Golden millet from "Mistral".
In principle, the step for cooking the millet can be done in advance, even in the evening. What could be easier than to boil the cereal in a bag? When cooking use the sufferings of the me method - boil the bag, hanging it on a stick for sushi and submerging in boiling salted water. Millet was swollen - it is a signal it is ready. Raise a stick and hold over a saucepan. below the glass. Time is 15 minutes.
Now the dough. It's fast. In kefir add salt and soda and gradually beat in the flour.
The dough should be soft, do not make him cool. Covered the dough with a film and prepare a filling. This is a very good dough for pies and cakes.
While the dough is resting make filling. It is also fast. Finely chop the greens. Take whatever you like. I took the cilantro.
Cheese cut into small cubes.
In the finished porridge add the greens and cheese.
To taste add red pepper. It will give the scones a special flavor. Mix well. Trying to be tasty.
Dough knead again and divide into 12 pieces.
Each piece with your fingers mash into a small pellet, placed in the middle of a tablespoon (or more) toppings and collected up in a "knot".
"Lace" evenly mash the cake first in the hands, then on the table...
... then thinly roll out based on the size of the pan.
While rolled out flat in a pan with heated oil. Put rolled tortillas in hot oil. While fried one prepared by the second. The pipeline should not be delayed! Cakes in the pan sigh and tasty bubble.
Thus, we roast all of our pellet until it will turn brown on both sides.
Ready-made cakes folding pile.
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