Cake Rahat
This is the cake of my childhood. It is insanely delicious. "Rakhat" and now one of the most popular cakes in my home city Kostanay (Kazakhstan). But now I live far away and it was a treat to find in cooking. I have the book "Bake health" publishing house, Almaty, 1990, here it is-the recipe and found, but what is blurred, surface. I'm in the Internet, and to my surprise, on all sites the same recipe from the same book... sleeves rolled Up, I decided to still bake it. What happened cannot be described in words, you just have to try...


  • Egg white

    6 piece

  • Sugar

    385 g

  • Peanuts

    300 g

  • Starch

    3 Tbsp

  • Water

    50 g

  • Condensed milk

    2 Tbsp

  • Butter

    150 g

  • Vanilla

  • Jam

    3 Tbsp

  • Cocoa powder

    1 tsp


Peanuts ignited in the pan, to clean it from the husk. Grind in a blender.
The cake consists of three protein-peanut cakes. One of them take 2 egg whites, whisk them in a solid foam, gradually adding 100 g of sugar.
To 4 tbsp. spoons of peanut add 1 tbsp. spoonful of starch (flour). This mixture gradually add into the whites, stirring gently from top to bottom.
On the baking paper from the back side to draw the shape of the cake. I have a circle d=21cm. Carefully spread the meringue with a height of 5-7 mm and bake at 160 degrees 120-130 minutes. The main thing is not to overdry the cake, but do not leave wet.
Bake three Korzh, it is recommended to lie 12 hours, I could not stand. If you have time then you can leave.
Soak the cake will be butter cream. It is done in two stages. First boil the milk-sugar syrup. Boil 50 grams of water, add it 85 grams of sugar, once the syrup comes to a boil add the condensed milk and cook at low boil 10 minutes. The syrup to cool.
Beat softened butter and a tablespoon in a thin stream pour it in the cooled syrup. Add vanilla, if the cake is for adults, you can add a little brandy. The cream is a light, airy. The oil does not separate.
2/3 of the cream to postpone the remaining part of the added cocoa.
Put the cake together. Edges slightly trimmed, only very carefully so as cakes are fragile and easily crumble. The bottom cake grease with butter cream, leaving a little for decoration.
The second cake grease Apple jam. This is very important, jam gives acidity and aroma.
The top of the cake grease with chocolate cream, Boca sprinkle with peanuts (he's left). Decorate with butter cream. The original is drawn by a branch of a blossoming Apple tree. If you decide to decorate the cream will need to prepare more. I'm not a great master of jewelry, so it was just...
Enjoy your tea!
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