Ginger-garlic paste
That day looks at me sadly from the shelf of the refrigerator ginger root. Realizing that ginger age is not long, I began to look into the possibility of its utilization and conservation. The easiest recipe with great range of use of lay almost on the surface. Ginger-garlic paste is used for cooking Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine. Is added usually at the beginning of cooking in a hot oil and can also be used for the preparation of various sauces, marinades, meat, fish and vegetables. Memory the recipe Aron-Space, often use this paste in their recipes.


  • Ginger

    100 g

  • Garlic

    150 g


That is, in fact, and he himself. The ginger root. Well, the garlic with him. Moreover, it is also we need.
The ginger needs to be cleaned. To clean it, as a potato: is removed or scraped off the skin. I liked to shoot more, as if scraping off the Squirting juice. Garlic too should be cleaned. While you are all clean, I will hold a small educational program about the properties of ginger: In ginger root contains an essential oil (which gives it flavor) and the content can reach 3%, vitamins a, B1, B2 and C, micro - and macroelements (zinc, sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium salts, phosphorus, calcium), also in the ginger root are all necessary for the human organism amino acids (tryptophan, threonine, leucine, methionine, phenylalanine, valine). It has many useful properties and is used in the form of decoctions and infusions to treat or prevent a variety of diseases - from colds and headaches to arthritis. Actively used as a tool to combat nausea, can be used even when toxicosis and after chemotherapy. Normalizes the digestive tract. And most importantly - even the ancients noted that ginger is able to "ignite the inner fire", it is an aphrodisiac, increases sexual potency, eliminates frigidity and infertility. After this introduction, the cleaning process is, I think, will be fun :D
To not kill the blender - cut the ginger into small pieces.
Put in blender garlic and ginger slices. The proportions of ginger and garlic can be arbitrary, but the ideal here is this: 60% of garlic and 40% of the ginger. By the way, sold variants of this paste there is another option with Chile. A few peppers and pasta is going to play in other colors!
Grind to a smooth paste. This operation can be trusted and grinder, but a blender turns smaller, spicier and pastorate. My God, what a crazy smell!
That's all. Arrange in jars and stored in the refrigerator, using as needed. Where use? Yes, wherever there is in the dishes, the combination of ginger and garlic in marinades, in lubrication cooked chicken, in sauces, you never know where... How much stored? But at least eternity: no Bacillus will not dare to break into this realm of volatile, and any microbe immediately fall from the onslaught of aphrodisiac! :D
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