I again to You with their conserves. Another option for seaming tomatoes with garlic. Do not be lazy, and, I guarantee, You will be able to surprise Your loved ones. I dedicate this recipe to a novice cook and my very good friend, Sergei.


  • Tomato

  • Garlic

  • Sugar

    3 Tbsp

  • Salt

    1 Tbsp

  • Vinegar essence


We'll need a sturdy tomatoes are small in size. Wash it and dry it (I dry wiped with a towel).
Now prepare the garlic. It will need a lot. 3 banks of 1.5 liters it took me 2 big head. So, it should be cleaned and cut into thin strips.
Now take the tomatoes and with a toothpick make the punctures. These punctures insert garlic strips.
Here's what we got.
Now add up all these ezhat in a clean, scalded with boiling water banks. Carefully, not ramming or breaking of spines. As you can see, no seasonings and herbs.
Now, 1 jar of tomatoes fill with cold water, drain and determine how much liquid you will need for the desired number of cells. Make a marinade. 1 LITER of WATER you need to add sugar 3st. L., salt - 1tbsp. L. (i.e. if you have 2l of water, put a double portion of sugar and salt, etc.). The marinade boil and fill jars. After 5-7 minutes, the marinade drained off, again, boil again and fill jars. Now, to each jar add vinegar at the rate of 0.5 tsp per quart jar (if you Bank with a volume of 2n - essences need 1H. L., etc.). Now you can roll up.
I have already adapted to screw caps. Turn, wrap it up, leave to cool. Well oooooochen delicious tomatoes! Try it!
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