Strawberries in their own juice
It's long-awaited summer. The season of delicious sweet berries and urgent billets delicious jam from them. Recipe of strawberry jam in its own juice will preserve more vitamins and taste for winter evenings when you want to remember the hot summer. Berry remains juicy without "buranovo" taste.


  • Strawberry

    5 kg

  • Sugar

    1.5 kg


Strawberries to sort out, to leave only dry, whole berries. Remove the stalk and wash. Lay in a clean dry banks up to the top. Turned 15 cans 0,5 l sprinkle them with sugar, about 100g at the Bank. Leave overnight in the fridge to release the juice.
The next day the strawberries were allowed enough juice and place in the Bank was freed for supplements berries. Strawberries with syrup from the same banks distributed in two incomplete. Fill to the "coat hanger" because when heated, the syrup will rise. Close tightly with a lid. Do that with all the other banks. Get 10 cans.
Put the jars into the pot (the pelvis). Fill it with warm water to the level of "coat hanger" cans. On high heat boil water. Boil for 5-7 minutes. Quickly tighten the cap. If the bottom remained a little sugar, gently turning the jar to its rapid dissolution.
Store in a cool place. I keep in the basement. Recipe of jam tested over the years. Our family is close strawberry jam is the only way. Thanks to my mom.
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