The taste of this "zakrutki" recalls not fruity toffee, not the taste of the pear flavor. Hence the name. The recipe I got is not checked, and for this reason, to be honest, I cooked this sweetness with some caution. As haven't done this before, he had prepared himself mentally for any outcome. But you know, it turned out very well, and for the sweet tooth - generally find! I think that the cold winter evenings with some tea everything goes with a Bang!


  • Pear

    5 kg

  • Sugar

    3 kg

  • Milk

    3 l

  • Soda

    1 tsp


Pears need to peel and core and cut into small pieces (slices). Cover with sugar and cook for 1 hour on slow fire, stirring from time to time.
At the end of this time the pears should put a decent amount of juice.
Then add soda and pour the milk. Cook 4 hours on low heat (ideally on the divider).
Specially photographed to show you how it looks to the end of cooking. Milk as if separated from the juice in the form of lumps, which become caramel color. Do not be afraid! Everything is as it should be ;-) .
Then you need all this mass cool slightly and in blender the servings whisk until smooth. As pears are already pretty soft, it's a matter of a few seconds. Because I'm sure that those who have "manual" blender is also no problem. Bring all to boil on a slow fire, and you can roll in sterile jars. I have so many different components there are 12 half-liter jars.
Even my cat is messed up this treat with real condensed milk, for which he is willing to sell the home. Licked the whole big spoon! Here is the proof of his complete satisfaction :-D
Help yourself and you sweetie!
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