Another may not the diet dish. Although right look. The soups alone are enough low-calorie meals because of the relatively large amount of water. Just borsch and Solyanka high-calorie, than chicken soup. Especially now I calculated the calories and I came up with 55 Kcal per 100 grams. The dish is usually 200-300 grams of soup. 210-315 Calories not so much. So that at lunch you can afford and let the platter. This is the only soup that eats not show off my beauty. Fun certainly not cheap. But why not treat yourself sometimes. And yet, hodgepodge with potatoes, personally I bag not believe! Potatoes "kills" the taste of the broth. In the soup he may incidentally, but not in the bag! In short, come in!


  • Broth

    2 l

  • Brine

    1 cup

  • Beef

    100 g

  • Sausage

    50 g

  • Sausages

    50 g

  • Salmon

    50 g

  • Cucumber

    3 piece

  • Tomato paste

    70 g

  • Cabbage

    100 g

  • Onion

    1 piece

  • Carrots

    1 piece

  • Garlic

    5 tooth

  • Black pepper

  • Peppers red hot chilli

  • Olives

    1 can

  • Lemon

  • Greens

  • Sugar

  • Vegetable oil


The broth for soups and soup I prefer to cook from drumsticks with a sugar bone. To and meat and bone broth and gave the bone to the brain was. Such is kudesniki a piece I bought on our little Lake (a famous market in the river)
Cook the broth with salt, roots, onions, Bay leaf on low heat for 2-3 hours, removing the foam.
Take out the meat. Also remove from the broth and throw away the roots, onions, Bay leaf.
From the meat cut slice of 75-100 grams and cut into cubes. Yet put them in the fridge. The rest of the meat off the bone can be used for other dishes, such as salads.
For soups I usually choose three types of meats: cooked and smoked sausage (or hunting sausages), smoked sausage and some smoked meat. Usually when I buy smoked sausage or smoked meat, I cut off a small piece, 50-70 grams and throw in the freezer. On a sandwich, this sausage when defrosting is not very good, but the hodgepodge - at the time. If all this is just to buy the bag, then 50 grams no one will sell, at best 200. And the result of this soup translates into a lot of money. But if smoked to fall in the fridge, then it's not so expensive.
Here is a set of smoked since last halophytes. There I took the smoked Prime rib. Highly recommend. Bone will give a unique taste bag. And then I bone the meat then.
But today the ribs were not. Sausage and smoked meat cut into cubes. The largest meat, cooked smoked sausage - a bit smaller, smoked - really small.
Cabbage shinkuem. I'm after the "traditional" shredding cabbage for borscht and soups even cut into small pieces. So I make sure my beauty was hard to choose the cabbage soup. Such a small cabbage very well hidden among smoked products (like chopped onions) and a small it eats it all and doesn't notice.
Carrots cut into strips
Onions - small cubes.
Garlic passed through the frog with a knife or grind with salt.
Also cut small cubes cucumbers
Olives cut into rings. In the standard jar of olives usually about 100 grams of the berries themselves. I usually throw in a bag while cooking and the other half gradually put in dish right before serving.
Well, the most tedious, the preparatory stage is completed. Generally I advise all first cut, and then start cooking. Otherwise, in the process, you can not make something to cut and something to digest. By the way, this recommendation applies to the preparation of borscht. Then everything goes fast. Meats, throw in the broth, bring to a boil and tormented on melanom fire.
Meanwhile, slightly prizerebel cabbage in a small amount of vegetable oil.
Cabbage leave. Saute in vegetable oil first the onions until transparent.
Then add carrots and saute together.
Add the cabbage and a Cup of broth. Cover with a lid and stew for 5 minutes.
Add a glass of brine and cucumbers, too, stew for 5 minutes under the lid.
Add olives
And tomato paste
Mix well, add the garlic, black and red pepper. If the family has children up to 12 years, pepper is not added. Continue to simmer until cooked cabbage. As a rule, for another 5 minutes.
If we had the ribs, then in this step we take out of broth and chop (I do it with a large knife and a hammer) into pieces of approximately 2 cm is Sent back to the broth.
Also, the broth is sent to our dressing
And boiled beef.
Mix and try. Balance the taste with salt, sugar and brine under a to like. Since it's may, and cask cucumbers, to put it mildly, already percussie, I did it too sour Thistle, so I added sugar. The number not write, because it all depends on Your taste and acid brine. Tormented-bag under the lid for another 3-5 minutes.
Meanwhile, finely chop the greens.
Add the greens to the stew, cover and allow to stand for five minutes.
To supply chop 3-4 olives into 4 parts. Cut a slice of lemon. Classically in a bowl put one or two halves of a Cup of lemon. But I prefer the circle cut into 6 pieces, often pieces of lemon fall into the spoon when eating soup!
Bon appetit!
Under such a soup, and a glass to pour is not a sin! Cook, taste and enjoy!
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