"The woman of the snow, a woman gentle" or sad-a tasty love story (Elkin-Palkina, p. 2 ) some special kitchen Elkanah-Pulcini... Imagine, here again was unusual culinary history. I'll tell you. But immediately warned that this time the story is sad and sometimes even tragic, so people are susceptible, uncontrollable tearing, better not to read, especially to cook. To help you understand the causes and consequences of this culinary drama, I'll have to start from the beginning...


  • Potatoes

  • Milk

  • Butter

  • Minced meat

    300 g

  • Onion

    3 piece

  • Mushrooms

    200 g

  • Cheese

    100 g

  • Flour

    1 Tbsp

  • Greens

    2 coup

  • Mayonnaise

  • Salt

  • Black pepper

  • Nutmeg

  • Tomato

  • Olives

  • Carrots


There was Pasha. He was born on New Year in the yard on Winter street, 14/2. Dad had an eight year old boy from the fourth door, and a mom and two little sisters out of the house across the street. Its birth Pasha was obliged to the fact that the boy's best friend appeared yesterday little brother. The boy was jealous of his friend and issued an ultimatum demanding the parents to provide him with the same brother no later than tomorrow evening. Parents, blushing, explained about the complex, multi-stage, stretched in time production technology brother. When it became clear that approximately half of the cases the brothers turn out defective (called sisters), the boy realized that can only rely on yourself. "I'll have to sculpt his brother," thought the boy, going out into the street. In the yard he met the sisters Sosulkinu, who also went for a walk. Girls since time immemorial, or even last week, actively fought for the sympathy of the boy and offered to help him. First discussed all relevant characteristics that should have a brother – hands, feet, head; then the minor details that would lend credibility to the image – the eyes, ears, nose and other small things.
Started to work with such zeal and diligence that even the stray dog frost wanted to help. And like individually sculpted all the parts that were planned, and the result is a snowman... You did not notice this weirdness? What would children not start to make snow, you still get the snowman. We can assume that the Creator had no time to engage in the creation of snowmen at the dawn of the world (really, it was a very hot time – until you?) and he laid this concern to children. Since then, every winter-the snow, the idea of any child turns into a snowman, radically suppressing the germs of the already immature children's creativity...
Snowman Pasha was quality, one might even say, the reference – trehchasovye, with eyes, ears, nose and other small things that he got from the failed brother. But the boy resolutely refused such a relationship – just today these "brothers" a couple of hundred nashtampovali the kids around town. "As I will later distinguish it from the others?" he asked the girls, justifying his apostasy. Girl hung his head, agreeing with weighty argument. "It is getting dark, time to go home," said quietly one Sosulkinu. "Let's call him Pasha" – suddenly offered another – "Then it will be two – snowman and Pasha. And he will not be bored together." In high Sosulkinu lost a great humanitarian, don't you think?
The children went to dinner, and Snowman Pasha was left alone standing in the middle of the darkening yard, a sad looking in a trace to their creators black eyes of coal.
That evening Santa Claus passed by this court, in advance of developing a route-directions for new year's eve. He was deep in thought about upcoming holidays and dreaming of a hearty hot dinner. So Grandfather did not see in the twilight, neither the Snowman nor the fact that he slightly touched it with her magic stick... When the stick touched Pasha, light light for a moment enveloped him and then disappeared. A Snowman with pleasure stretched and looked around.
Went to the nearest window on the ground floor and looked inside. These young snowmen so curious!
In the room the kid was trying on the mask of the snowman for kindergarten matinee and rehearsed a song that had the chorus to perform with the guys. "Strange, very strange snowman..." thought the Snowman about the baby in the mask. Looked lower coma entirely, and the average severely deformed... "Must have had something..." – with pity thought Pasha. And then, to his horror, heard, sings about what a "sick snowman": everyone Knows the snowman, snowman Mold children only for a moment - not for ages... Snowman - this means that he's fashioned out of snow, It's been known, even cry, but at least shut up. Snowman winter is not crying, but will cry if from the sky, If the sky will pour the hot rays. Don't threaten us neither angina nor a heart attack, Only age we do not have long - that's a fact. Snowman - this means that he's fashioned out of snow, It's been known, even cry, but at least shut up. Snowman winter is not crying, but will cry if from the sky, If the sky will pour the hot rays. Pasha shock knew no bounds. On the first day of life to find out that you allocated time to the first sun rays! "Now I understand why this snowman is so..." – I suddenly realized Pasha – "It were scorched by the sunlight... But he's managed to escape!". Such heroism and the will to live encouraged Snowman. "What flowed before time?!" – himself shouted. – "We are alive – not dead men. New year on the carrot, not the time to shed!". The thought of a New year, Pasha was distracted from her sad reflections on the theme of impermanence snegovichka body and forced to ask ourselves two questions: where to meet? with whom to meet? Nobody needs to spend this holiday in solitude. The answer to the first question was found quickly – Yes, in this very apartment, where he just looked. Once settled here already one snowman, then the place is comfortable and safe. These young snowmen very logical, don't you think?
The next window was a little ajar, Pasha, groaned and creaking, slipped inside. The embers grew accustomed to the darkness, and he realized that he found himself in the kitchen. "Friendly family Elkanah-Pulcini" – reads the caption under the large photo on the right wall. And the picture on the opposite wall, a young Elkin-Palkin adoringly looks at the young Elkin-Palkina and gently holds her hand kindly gave Snowman the answer to the second question. "I know!" – he cried. – "I need a female snowman! I mean, the snowman... no, snegovika... Oh, I remember! Snow! I need to sculpt a snowman"! Excited with the thought, he decided to get down to business immediately. We had to decide what to sculpt their life partner. Question severozapadny, because the whole life around! Let life be short, but that's no reason to miss first!
Pasha looked to the large pot of flowers. Shape of the earth? No, this hug again and say goodbye, with his snow-white suit. These young snowmen so scrupulous in matters of appearance!
I tried to make it out of the forgotten at the table: different size of children's blocks. Outwardly it was nothing, Picasso would have envied, but it was too snarky. Where no touch edge angle. And how will they look next? It is absolutely round, it is hopelessly square. Laughter, and only! Nope, no good.
All of the surrounding circumstances in the face of pots, knives, ladle carefully glittered with metal bodies, as if hinting Pasha – say, think, spherical over pieces of ice. One nerve scapula could not stand the tension and broke the hook, loud TweakNow on the sink. "Eureka!" – to match the blade tinkled to the idea in the head ball of the Snowman – "I'll cook!" And it was brilliant in its simplicity idea. Here you would have abandoned life, cooked according to your recipe? Nothing superfluous and everything you love? The Union would be perfect!
Pasha went in search of material. In a saucepan, he found mashed potatoes,
in a bowl – fresh ground meat,
in a pan – filling for Sunday morning pie: mushrooms with cheese and herbs. Any of the materials found suitable for a greater purpose. But what to choose? Snowman thought and decided that using all that gives the fate. "Let it be raznolikogo, I mean, versatile. The girl is decorated".
Pasha molded lower one of mashed potatoes.
Put on stove pan with vegetable oil, a blind middle one of stuffing.
Carefully roll one-third of his future girlfriend in flour and put on a heated pan. On strong fire fry on all sides until brown, cover and reduce the heat to kom well braced inside.
Took the top lumpy. Took the filling for the pie, added a little mayonnaise and molded small, neat, even a little Flirty head lump. Put the blanks aside. While preparing the middle, Pasha decided to think about clothes for women Snow. She probably would be embarrassed to be Nude when meeting with a prominent Snowman, and he didn't want to overshadow their first encounter of such embarrassment. Decided to make her exquisite dress "Bechamel" say, girls love French brands.
Finely chopped onion,
poured a glass of boiling milk and let infuse for 10-15 minutes.
In a small skillet melt the cube of butter, added the flour and carefully stir until lumps disappear. Stirred by suffering – because most snegovichka nature abhorrent violence against any lumps, even though small, even though flour...
Then in a homogeneous oil-flour mixture Snowman small portions poured the strained milk, stirring thoroughly each time. When the dress has thickened, Pasha removed it from the heat and lightly adorned with pinches of salt, pepper and ground nutmeg. You might ask, why did an ordinary snowman such knowledge in the culinary field? A reasonable question. But let's remember how hungry was Santa Claus, when passed by the Pasha, as he had dreamed about the delicious and hearty dinner. I suppose that such dreams Grandfather had any impact on the culinary abilities of the Snowman. But whatever it was, he quickly got the hang of the kitchen Elkanah-Pulcini, especially since the train was convenient and nice. Don't you think that in the kitchen at Elkanah-Pulcini prepares anyone, but not themselves?
Then came time to remove the well-baked meat component snowman from the pan, and Snowman deftly picked her up the very impatient with a spatula.
All major cooking was finished, and there was an exciting moment Pasha had begun to assemble his ladylove.
He set lovingly oglivy, all parts of the body by the nature of the place and softly sang: "the Woman of the snow-and-th, the woman delicate-and-th...". Took a step back and could not help admiring his creation. "I'll call you Rose" tenderly whispered the Snowman, leaning in to flavorful cheese-mushroom head. It seems that Pasha was in love...
Took a Cup with the dress, silicone brush and began to put a friend in "Bechamel". Dressed up Snezhana immediately became a finished look even more prettier.
Snowman made eyes out of olives and cut a neat nose, a carrot. Sprigs of parsley were built by hand, from the dill – stylish hairstyle, hat and tomato ketchup for lips emphasized femininity... Everything! Friend life ready! Beautiful, fragrant – a girl with taste, otherwise you could not tell! Who could have imagined that these qualities will destroy such a young and beautiful creature... the Snowman is pretty exhausted at work, hungry and decided to go outside to have a little snack on fresh snow.
Meanwhile, the kid also was kind of hungry, because we all know that memorization is exhausting sometimes stronger exercise. Drawn by the delicious odors, he went into the kitchen...
I don't find words to describe further...
When the Snowman came back from the street, everything was already over...
...He was sitting on the windowsill alone and looked sadly out the window. "Why such injustice?" – asked Pasha the world outside the window. – "Because happiness was so close..." the Only consolation to him was the idea that the waiters almost did not suffer – so yummy, must be dealt instantly. So quietly and fell asleep.
The next morning happened the first fine day. Bright and warm sun rays flirted with rowdy sparrows in the Park, jumping on the glistening snow in the yard on Winter street 14/2, splashing in a small puddle on the windowsill of the kitchen Elkanah-Pulcini... look Closely to it carefully. The snowman was gone, but she left to the world a message. You might ask, why was it necessary to tell such a sad story? Believe me, I have no malicious intent. Just life is multifaceted, in our world a lot of good and bad, good and evil, funny and sad, and we can't ignore it. But we can all find positive moments. For example, the morning, the kid told my mom that it was the most delicious, nutritious and beautiful second what he just tried... And my mother said that I will learn to do the same... And dad resentfully asked about how tasty the second is a speech and why he was not involved in the tasting... And mom promised to cook it all in the New year... Dad calmed down, and the family Elkanah-Pulcini again at peace and well-being.
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