Chicken tipsy
Thought to surprise me with some new recipe chicken - hard. How wrong I was!!! To say that this chicken is good - it means nothing to say. You are welcome!


  • The chicken legs

    600 g

  • Mayonnaise

    2 Tbsp

  • Salt

  • The mixture of peppers

  • Khmeli-suneli

  • Beer

    0.5 l


The legs (or any other part of the chicken) cut into portions. For convenience, in order not to dirty extra dishes, put our chicken parts in the package, add mayonnaise, salt, spices. The garlic I did not add it, considering its aroma in this case is unnecessary. But if You're a maniac fan of this seasoning - can add.
Carefully all peremeshaem and leave to "think" about the compatibility of our products. The longer they think, the better. But not less than 1 hour.
In a glass flask aerogrill pour a beer.
On average the bars lay out the chicken pieces.
Exhibit temperature 260 degrees, the fan speed "high", time 40 minutes. At the signal open and... we are seeing a picture here. You are welcome to taste very tender and juicy chicken!!!
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