The chicken according to the method of Judy Rogers
Fried chicken, prepared by the method of dry brining, this is the recipe of the famous American chef Judy Rogers (Judy Rodgers, 2002, The Zuni Cafe Cookbook). Currently, this recipe posted, probably almost all the culinary resources. People in the know chicken recipe by Judy Rogers called the most famous in the world. The value and originality of this recipe - the chicken saline exposure and high temperature baking. So the chicken turns out very tasty and juicy! Prescription author the chicken is cooking in the oven. I adapted the recipe to a convection oven. And adapted to the taste preferences of your family. That is, instead of the herbs listed in the recipe (or rosemary, or thyme, or marjoram, or sage) I use garlic. For the rest, nothing new. Ready to take the tomatoes, eggs, shoes, etc.


  • Chicken

    1 piece

  • Salt

    0.75 tsp

  • Garlic

    4 tooth


The chicken (chicken should be weighing approximately 1 kg to 1.5 kg) wash and dry with paper towels. Cut the fat in the neck and butt. Then lay under the skin of the garlic (the original recipe is grass). The garlic cloves I cut along, as would stripes. The size is arbitrary. Lay the garlic on a breast with two sides
Then lay the garlic under the skin, but from the back, in the region of the legs
RUB the chicken with salt. Put it in a bowl or pan, cover and put in refrigerator for a time from a day to three. The larger the chicken, the longer it must be on salting.
My chicken stood for two days. But there were cases when day and three Kura were Sollas. Moreover, three days have Sollas chicken is quite small, just lost all the plans and had no time to have food.)) In General, take out the chicken after salting. And before moving on to the next steps, the chicken must be thoroughly dry with paper towel. The photo shows under the hen formed a "liquid".
Then I put the chicken that is fitting for grill. One of such things is not - does not matter. Then place the chicken just (as usual) on the grill aerogrill.
Chicken let sit))) it is Necessary to prepare the grill. On the bottom put the tray for draining fat (fat plenty will, just so on the tray to put the chicken and not the glass bulb). Put a magnifying ring, otherwise the chicken will not fit in the flask. And include to warm up the grill (still no chicken!!!). Preheat the convection oven is a mandatory and IMPORTANT point!!! I Khotter. Temperature - 260 degrees fan speed - high time to warm up put 10 minutes
The grill warmed up. Now quickly open the lid and put the chicken. The parameters are the same: temperature - 260 degrees fan speed - high time for chicken need from 50 minutes to one hour - depends on size of chicken. Specifically the chicken in that photo, the time is set for 1 hour
The program ended, I stopped to open the lid and...
And get chicken.
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