The icing on the starch
Offer to make the icing on the starch. Today I made a pie with peaches and there is not much dough, had to form the cookies and cover with frosting. The glaze is prepared without problems, I think that each family has the necessary products. The glaze is evenly placed on the product, does not drip, and after hardening does not stick. It does not contain egg protein, after hardening of the glitters. The recipe was found on the Internet.


  • Powdered sugar

    50 g

  • Vegetable oil

    1 tsp

  • Potato starch

    4 g

  • Milk

    3 tsp


Icing sugar finely ground to mix with the starch, can be ProSeal, but I didn't do it. Add the vegetable oil.
Add the milk (pour pieces), mix thoroughly until smooth.
The icing on the starch ready to work. It should slowly run off the spoon, well and evenly applied to the product.
That's the beauty turned out to give a little to dry.
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