Flower of cucumber
If you want to spice up a plate with meats, vegetables, chops or garnish, such a flower will be most welcome. I hope the idea is useful, because it's so simple!


  • Cucumber

    1 piece

  • Cherry tomatoes

    1 piece


Take the most common cucumber.
Cut it crosswise and then each half lengthways. Now carefully with a knife make a longitudinal recess on the skin, to a depth of about two millimeters.
Comes out like this. Cut the strips of skin, not to throw, we continue to come in handy.
And now I'll try to clearly describe the principle of cutting out the petals. From bottom of cucumber cut thinly the first album, but it's hard to cut through, then the second, also subtle, but it to the end. Get this "pocket". Expand it, trying not to change the place of the fold - and ready voluminous petal for the flower. Don't know clearly whether written, but in the pictures you can guess.
So we need to be careful to deploy.
So cut 5 large petals and 5 petals smaller. Spread in the shape of a flower. From the stripes of previously cut skins make the petals veins and stems. Of the more thin pieces of cucumber - small petals.
The tomatoes cut the top, put in the middle of the flower. Laterally tomatoes cut small slices, they make the incisions - it's unopened buds. All!
Here is the dish in combination with "cucumber" flower.
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