Chrysanthemum from onions
Hello! I want to offer the option of decoration for salads and other dishes! It turns out very easy and beautiful! To prepare, requires little time, and the result is great! You can decorate not only the family dinner but also for a celebration fit just perfectly! Flower posted for Irinka777!)))


  • Onion

    1 piece

  • Water


For making chrysanthemums take the small round onion. You can take both white and red onion. The smaller the bulb the better the flower. Try to choose the onion thin, then the petals turn thinner and prettier disclosed.
Peel onion, cut off the top and bottom of approximately 0.5 cm.
A thin, sharp knife, carefully cut the onion, not dorezaya to the end of about 0.5 cm Incision is made on the upper side where is the feather. Then, once cut in half, too, not dorezaya to the end of 0.5 cm.
Then cut into as many parts as you work. It is desirable to make incisions, as many. But so as not to spoil the neighbouring petals. If cuts are not deep enough to make a bad flower will bloom, but if too deep, the flower will fall apart.
Place the onion in water, at room temperature, the water should cover the bulb completely. After 1.5 hours, Hrizantema needs to blossom! The time of blooming chrysanthemums depends on the varieties of onions. Some varieties enough and 50 minutes, and some may require a couple of hours. See for yourself how much time you! Faster to flower blossomed, help him! Expand the petals in the water with their fingers, don't break it!
Flower, ready! Another piece of advice, if the red beet juice and dye the tips hrizantemi will be all lovely!)))
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