"Again, the dumplings... "- you might think. Yes not again and again!!! Dumplings for a couple completely different from our traditional dumplings. They are airy, light, soft, tender, and just delicious with fresh berries. Help yourself - don't be shy!!!


  • Cheese

    400 g

  • Chicken egg

    4 piece

  • Sugar

    1 cup

  • Flour

    4 cup

  • Soda

    1 tsp

  • Berry

  • Sugar

  • Butter


Curd grind, mash with sugar and eggs. Add flour with soda. Soda NOT EXTINGUISH!!! (after preparing soda made felt!)
Knead elastic dough.
Then enter in one of two ways: either cut off dough pieces and roll out circles; or roll out a circle and from it we cut out circles with a glass. Roll out the dough slightly thicker than regular dumplings.
Then in circles of the dough pour in the middle a little sugar (optional), put on top of the berries and form the dumplings.
Of this number the test I got 34 dumplings. "Twisted" put the dumplings in the steamer, or in my case into a bowl multivarki for cooking for a couple. And cook for 6 minutes from boiling water.
We take out the finished dumplings, grease with butter and sprinkle with brown sugar (no need to grease and not sugar!)
Bon appetit!!!
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