Protein custard
Delicious cream, and also a beautiful decoration for cakes, pastries, desserts!


  • Egg white

    3 piece

  • Sugar

    240 g

  • Water

    7 Tbsp

  • Vinegar

    1 Tbsp


Ordinary sugar pour water and put on fire.
Cook until the syrup is whitish and there is a lot of bubbles. Cook 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally, over medium heat.
The readiness of the syrup check this: in a glass pour cold water and drip a drop of syrup. It should be in the hands feels almost like a solid ball (but be careful not to overcook, otherwise the syrup becomes a brownish color).
Meanwhile, while the syrup cooks, whisk the whites in a solid foam.
Then, when the syrup is cooked, pour it hot into proteins small stream, continue whisking for about 5 minutes, then add 1 tablespoon of vinegar and whisk for 5 minutes. When the whisk starts to receive drawings on proteins, the cream is ready! Good luck!!!
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