With these roses, you can lay the table, put each guest on a plate - it will be nice. You can also use them for decorating or to serve with appetizers. All edible!


  • Tomato

  • Green onions

  • Parsley


Carefully remove the peel with a small fraction of the pulp, the wider the strip of peel - the more rose.
Roll roll, hold one end with your finger. Features of the flower becomes immediately noticeable.
The photo very accurately reflected what to do with onions. Cut green feathers, a little to leave! Cut along the white part (partially). To separate one strip to use as "tape".
Fold in half and tie a "ribbon". That is, the shape of the "bunch".
Here, in fact, components of our "bouquet"
In the middle of the petals to add some parsley.
Placed in the centre "flower". The entire structure can be mounted on a toothpick, but I've learned to do without it.
Of course, you can add at Your discretion))) Serve on a plate with appetizers or salads, and even hot and cold dishes. It's not just a flower but a whole bouquet. You can also apply a sauce to this bouquet, and get a snack. BON APPETIT!
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