Steam chicken cutlets with Apple
Very soft, juicy, delicious and flavorful patties for a couple. For the recipe thank you Marina - pypcik.


  • Minced chicken

    500 g

  • Apple

    150 g

  • Onion

    120 g

  • Semolina

    2 Tbsp

  • Salt

  • Paprika sweet


Apple and onion should be peeled, cut into pieces. Then grind in a blender minced chicken (or fillet) with Apple and onion.
Ready mix salt - pepper to taste, add semolina, stir thoroughly. Leave for an hour or two to semolina has swelled and took the extra moisture. If there is no time, then ready stuffing put 3 tbsp of semolina and cook burgers.
From ready-minced meat formed patties and put them in a steamer or a bowl multivarki, designed for roasting. Chops sprinkle with your favorite herbs, spices, capsicum. Cook 25 minutes. From this amount of mince obtained exactly 10 burgers.
The cutlets will be tender and juicy, and Apple is not felt!!! Bon appetit!!!
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