The icing
The icing - protein mass drawing for decorating desserts. My experience


  • Egg white

    1 piece

  • Powdered sugar

    200 g

  • Lemon juice

    1 tsp


Beat egg whites, adding powdered sugar (powdered is recommended to sift and protein to take cold). In the process of whipping add lemon juice (then the dust might need a little more) or citric acid. Depending on the size of the balls of powder can go a various quantity 200-250 g will Rekomenduju to take a small egg, especially the first time. The powder was added by portions, until stable peaks, the mass should be very thick, I would say even cool ;). Spread the icing into the envelope, ziplock bag, i.e. with the buckle, then store the better; in a dense file. You can draw a pattern yourself or find a stencil online, like I did. Put a picture of the future "masterpiece" to the file, which is slightly greased with sunflower oil. Smeared with a cotton swab that is slightly fat was.
Squeeze out the cream along the lines of the stencil. Too thin lines should not be done - all crumble in the first second. Follow all the lines did not, otherwise, be merged into one. Choose more convenient and repeated symmetrically in both wings. If the stencil is already outlined, and the weight is still there, it can be stored in the refrigerator more than one day. [b]Consider that the chilled icing to draw easier, smoother lies, more pliable[/b]
The icing dries in 3 hours, it all depends on the ambient temperature and humidity. To make a 3D butterfly using raskrytiyu book. The fold of the file, which is formed between pages, squeeze all the same cream (the icing) in the form of a calf (lower part) and the head. Put the skewer in, to be able to take my creativity, a toothpick or a straw. Put the wings on top squeezed more cream to cover all the "joints", and the body of our Lepidoptera was complete. Decorate with pastry beads. As you can see, the colored icing by adding food coloring dry. If the dye liquid, then powder, you should take more while maintaining consistency.
This is my first creation, and art education, sorry, no. So do not judge strictly, please, I tried ;) Thank you for your attention!
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