Ice bowl with fresh flowers
This bowl I used to prepare vegetable snacks "Ice surprise". I want to show you the process of making bowls. Inside, we together out of the water and colors will make real miracle!!!


  • Water

  • Flowers

  • Leaf vine


We will need two bowls of different diameters. In a large, deep bowl, pour a little water into the water put the flowers and leaves and put into the freezer.
When the ice forms, get the bowl from the freezer and place it inside a bowl of smaller diameter.
To secure it with adhesive tape. Now you need to pour iced water and place the flowers and leaves. Put in the freezer for 2 -3 days.
Three days later, take out the bowl from the freezer, remove the tape and dip the bowl in hot water to release the ice bowl.
The Cup can be stored in the freezer until serving. That's the whole process of making the bowl-a beauty!
Enjoy the beauty!!!
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