Simple to prepare, sweet or spicy (Your choice) to taste. Just saving, if caught (or grown as we have) is too fat duck. Recipe shared neighbor, in exchange for the duck.


  • Duck

    2 kg

  • Greens

    1 coup

  • Spices

    1 Tbsp

  • Salt

    2 Tbsp


Duck wash, if necessary, to remove all unnecessary (legs, head, etc.).
I have the duck was too big (about 4kg), so I divided it into two parts. Normal duck just split the breast and open like a book.
In mantovano or steamer (one that is) pour a little more water and put on fire. Duck RUB with salt and spices, sparing neither the one nor the other. I have spices "worked" - black and pink pepper, nutmeg, dried marjoram and dill, coriander. But everyone chooses according to their taste. Put the duck in mantovano (the steamer), cover it up and forget about it for 1.5 hours.
Get ready duck and leave to cool slightly. Then, carefully remove all the bones. They are very easily separated, believe me! The meat is very tasty, you can try. The main advantage of steaming - the extra fat drips down into the water, and the meat turns out very tender.
While the meat cools, finely chop the greens. I had two kinds of Basil, lemon balm, and parsley. I chopped coarsely and regretted it. Better to cut smaller, greens can be mixed with ketchup or tomato paste, add mayonnaise or sour cream (if duck is not too fatty).
Food film to decompose the meat, sprinkle with herbs and spices.
Tightly wrap in cling film and refrigerate for a couple hours, but better overnight.
The next day of the deployed "sausage", cut into slices thick as a finger and can enjoy tender, juicy, or (what the hell) spicy duck roll! I prepared different options, and with Chile, mayonnaise with greens and ketchup. The family said that just the greens are best. But so good this recipe is that you can pick up your option simply. Try!
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