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Long thought to offer you this recipe or not? It seems that similar saw, but then tried searching - found nothing. Began to remember from where I wrote it down to his culinary book and found this recipe on the website Have Saechki (from Olga (olgaS)). Thank her for the idea! I hope that all who read will like it too, as I do, because IT is VERY TO HAVE a N O !!!


  • The broth

    1.5 cup

  • Milk

    0.5 cup

  • Yeast

    30 g

  • Sugar

    1 tsp

  • Vegetable oil

    5 Tbsp

  • Chicken egg

    1 piece

  • Flour

  • Potatoes

    6 piece

  • Onion

    1 piece

  • Easy


Make the dough - yeast breed in warm potato water with sugar. Wait when will rise(about 10-15 minutes) Then gradually add everything except flour.Mix well (not salted potato because the broth was already salted). In the last turn add the amount of flour - how many will be enough to not stick to hands dough. Leave the dough to rest in a warm place(my oven has a special program for raising test) in about 30-45 minutes. So I turned out the dough after proofing in the warmth.
While I approached the dough, I started prigotovili toppings. The potatoes I cooked though slightly earlier,it made the dough(sorry to spill the liquid).Slightly cooled potatoes rubbed on a coarse grater. Cut finely the onions fried it in the pan to rise. oil and at the end added ready cooked,finely chopped, light,which specifically was in the refrigerator - waiting in the wings.
Proceed to the formation of his chasers here: - the dough I cut into the sausages and they make their beads(the wheels), a small - rolled dough thickness - each rolled out ball,a box of stuffing on the eye)
Connect the edges of the tortillas up and shape it round. the side that had the connection ends,I went down.
Stack gradually formed the balls on the sheet.lightly floured and give to infuse,about 10 minutes.
Before you put in the steamer,each ball dipped in sunflower oil completely.Box distances of the planet from each other.
Filling in the ball
Steamers as such I do not - I use firm ware *Zepter*(constructing a pyramid of pots, etc.) - the class goes. Up somewhere about 25-30 minutes in the steamer. They are air come and tasty at the same time,I do not have time to do photo ready BAYS were all hungry and attacked the food :-D . I remembered the photo when there's nothing left
Also I have done the mix,so to speak, and put it in the freezer. If you have such balls,then in the future they can be cold cut into 4 pieces and fry. Will be like a slightly different dish.
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