Cottage cheese and cherry dumplings
Like to treat You to excellent dumplings in the shape of a fish with a light cheese and cherry filling, which will especially delight the kids.


  • Flour

    150 g

  • Water

    90 g

  • Salt

    0.25 tsp

  • Starch

    1 tsp

  • Cheese

    200 g

  • Yogurt

    2 Tbsp

  • Jam

    3 Tbsp


Bring water with salt to boiling and pour her a half norms of flour, mix gently with a spatula, then gradually add the remaining flour and starch. Knead elastic dough that is covered with a towel, leave to rest.
At this time, prepare the filling. Mix the cottage cheese with cherry low calorie jam D arbo and yogurt.
Roll the dough into a thin layer. Cut glass circles. Put in the middle of the curd.
Samasem in the form of a dumpling, and forming a pulling tail,
on the other hand samasem the tip on both sides and gently connect the two pockets in a neat little mouth.
Draw the eyes, split tail and fin suscipiam.
Lay the fish in a steamer and cook for 35 minutes. Take out, spread on plates and serve with cherry low calorie jam D arbo.
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