Chicken with couscous and vegetables
Diet dish cooked without a single drop of oil. All lovers of healthy food recommend.


  • Chicken breast

    4 piece

  • Vegetables

    1 pack

  • Couscous

    50 g

  • Soy sauce

  • A bouillon cube

    0.5 piece

  • Salt


the chicken should marinate in soy sauce for 10 minutes
to get out of the freezer and the vegetable mix (I have summer vegetables, but you can use any, except for mixtures with mushrooms)
chicken breast and vegetables to put in the steamer (the water should already be boiling), cover and cook for 30-35 minutes. When the breast and the vegetables are ready, turn off the stove, sprinkle with salt all sea salt and keep under cover for another 3 minutes (to dissolve salt).
While the chicken is in the steamer, prepare the couscous. For those who don't know: couscous - groats from durum wheat. This cereal does not require cooking, for cooking enough to fill cereal with boiling water and leave under a lid for 15-20 minutes.
take 50 g of dry cereals, crumble it 1/2 a bouillon cube, add boiling water so that over the grits were liquid with a thickness of 1 cm, stir, close the pot with a lid and allow to infuse for 20 min. I make couscous in a pot for baking - it holds heat longer.
when all ingredients are ready, start to serving: chicken trudko cut into slices, all the ingredients spread on a plate, pour soy sauce (to taste). Bon appetit!
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