Skewers of chicken fillet in teriyaki sauce
A simple and tasty dish, which should please both adults and children. Strung on skewers can be anything - any meat and vegetables; the main thing is the sauce or dressing to make the taste brighter.


  • Chicken fillet

    300 g

  • Sauce

    120 g


Cut the chicken into pieces about 2x2 and cover with the teriyaki sauce. I have, like in the photo, and put into the fridge for 30 minutes.
At the bottom of a double boiler, put a "boat" out of foil. This boat put sweet bell pepper, Bay leaf and garlic.
After 30 minutes our chicken strung on skewers and put in a "boat". Cook for a couple 25-30 minutes. Before serving you can pour the remaining sauce (if you have).
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