Sour cream home (urban version)
If you have no place to buy a village milk, and really want to try the homemade sour cream - then go here: join my experiment...


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Take ordinary store-bought milk that is cheaper. Desirable to use the milk for long term storage.
Warm the milk and pour into a suitable container - I for this purpose has a plastic carafe. Close it tight with cheesecloth or a linen napkin. From above, it is desirable to tie something to sour gnats has not penetrated. Set to stand and sour naturally. I have this in the summer the process takes 1-2 days, and in winter sometimes up to 4-5 days. Do not shake in the process prokisaniya. When it is quite pocketnet, will begin to approach on my picture you can see how it works. When serum from the bottom is 1/4 of the total, so ready.
In a wide pot put a colander vystelim dense gauze, and pour on it coming up to 1/4 - 1/3 milk. Allow to settle and drain out the whey.
When serum accedite, you will see this jelly-like mass. Otzivite approximately 1-2 hours.
Whisk the resulting mass blender. Vary the consistency yourself - if you want it thinner, add milk while beating. Beat for 1-2 minutes.
Put whipped sour cream in a suitable bowl and refrigerate for half an hour to cool. BON APPETIT!
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