Squid spicy
The party tried a salad, and so he liked me, that begged the owner to give the recipe. Performed by all the canons, and that's what happened!!!


  • Black pepper

    6 piece

  • Essence

    1 Tbsp

  • Sugar

    2 tsp

  • Salt

    1 tsp

  • Pepper

    0.5 piece

  • Onion

    3 piece

  • Squid

    600 g

  • Bay leaf

    2 piece

  • Water

    1 cup

  • Vegetable oil

    2 Tbsp


Let's get started. Clean the squid. Each hostess your way this not very pleasant procedure. Having tried a lot of options, came to the conclusion that it is better to clean them well frozen, then the film is removed like a stocking. Squid cleaned, washed, freed from chitin plates.
In boiling water drop our squid (water should be enough to squid had felt "like a fish in water :-D :-D ). After boiling, cook for exactly 2 minutes and quickly get out of the water. Leave to cool.
In the meantime, make onions: peel and cut thin half-rings.
And we will prepare the marinade. In a glass of water - salt, sugar, UKS. essence, mix well.
Put onions into a saucepan, put the Bay leaf and pepper.
Pour the marinade and bring to a boil, do not boil. Turn off gas and leave to cool (in a perfect recipe for 1.5-2 hours).
The cooled kalbarczyk cut into strips very thinly.
Pepper, too, almost transparent slices.
Onion exempt from the marinade, making sure the pepper was not hit. And add vegetable oil.
Stir these ingredients together. I have to say, I did not understand this troubles with the marinating onions in this way. The second time made things so much easier: pour boiling water, poured the balsamic and immediately added the oil it turned out even tastier. But I promised the original recipe, so that's it! And, last but not least, still could not resist and added a little soy sauce and sprinkled Cayenne pepper (a little). FABULOUS!!! Bon appétit!
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