Alsu (dairy product made from milk, honey and beet)
Many people know and are able to prepare homemade yogurt (yoghurt), and they are not surprised this recipe. But this recipe very tasty and healthy additives, so don't pass it by! And don't buy store milk products (chemicals), because it is so easy neproblemnye to make themselves at home, and You will have your environmentally friendly product! Took the recipe from the book "Tatar cuisine".


  • Milk

    1 l

  • Yogurt

    0.25 cup

  • Honey

    3 Tbsp

  • Beets

    1 piece


That's all we need.
Milk to boil, cool to lukewarm. Beets (raw) wash, peel, cut into thin slices.
To the milk add the honey, stir until it is completely dissolved, put the beets, mix well. Allow to stand for about half an hour to beet gave its color. To give the milk to cool to 40 ° C (dip the little finger into the milk, and if after 10 seconds. so, milk is the right temperature) Milk strain (from beet chips), add to warm milk yogurt, mix well, pour into glasses.
Wrap the glasses with a towel (blanket) and put in a warm place for fermentation for 5-8 hours. (I put glasses in a pan of warm water, cover with a towel and a couple of times changing the water). Glasses, it is desirable not to move, not to disturb the cooking process.
Once the yogurt and objects, put into the refrigerator, already chilled and served. The book offers the warm milk immediately add honey, yogurt, beets, place in a warm place for 10-12 hours and then drain from the beets, pour into glasses, chill and serve. I the cooking process is slightly changed.
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