This quick and easy cake impresses by the fact that it is not necessary to roll out the dough into cakes, bake them in the oven. The composition is very simple, and the taste is soft creamy and flavorful, and if you decorate seasonal berries - and another beautiful look! Help yourself!


  • Flour

    2.5 cup

  • Chicken egg

    3 piece

  • Butter

    100 g

  • Sugar

    1 cup

  • Honey

    4 Tbsp

  • Soda

    1 tsp

  • Thickener for cream

    1 pack

  • Sour cream

    600 g

  • Powdered sugar

    100 g

  • Jelly

    1 pack

  • Berry

    100 g


Sugar RUB with soft butter, then add 1 egg (all 3), beat on high speed of mixer.
Med combine with baking soda and heat with constant stirring until the increase in volume. Cool slightly and combine with the butter-egg mixture. Add the sifted flour (you will need 2 to 3 cups, the amount depends on the size of eggs, flour characteristics and quantity of honey; it took me 2.5 cups of flour). The dough on density should be slightly thicker than for pancakes.
The Cup multivarki grease with butter, put the dough, turn the program "bakery" for another 80 minutes. Focus on the power and capabilities of your slow cooker, you can adjust the baking time! Slightly cooled cake out of slow cooker using the pan for steaming, put on the grill until cool.
Cooled Korzh cut in first 3 parts, then each part is still in half, the result of 6 cakes. To connect sour cream with 1 packet of thickener for cream (optional) and powdered sugar to taste (I have a not sweet version of the cream). Lubricate each cake liberally with the cream, put in refrigerating chamber for impregnation. If you cut the cake into a smaller number of parts, the amount of cream you need to reduce!
To decorate the side pieces you can make chocolate stripes. To this end, 100 grams of dark chocolate melt in a water bath, apply a medium layer on the strip of dense "file" on the circumference of the cake (I have 2 bands there), put in a cool place for freezing, but not freezing. Then carefully bring the chocolate stripes and applied directly to the cake, thus detaching the tape "file".
From top to decorate the cake with seasonal berries of your liking, prepare a jelly for filling as directed on package and pour it over the berries, starting from the center. The berries you can just sprinkle with powdered sugar and do not fill with jelly.
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