Eggs "a la cocotte". I always say: "it is Important not only WHAT to eat but HOW!!!" Even a simple omelet you need to submit like is the most delicious dish! Can be prepared in a slow cooker, the steamer and the oven!


  • Chicken egg

    3 piece

  • Sour cream

    1 tsp

  • Tomato paste

    1 tsp

  • Salt


The set of ingredients are approximate, as this recipe and description is a "sketch", which you can paint to your discretion. So, beat eggs in any cookie cutters - ceramic, silicone, in General, for high temperature (can directly into the molds and serve).
I molds are not smeared, but it can be done with the help of butter. In the mold with the egg add 1 tsp. of sour cream. Add salt and spices to your taste.
In another egg and add the tomato paste. And you can never add anything! To cook just an egg with salt and spices.
Put in the nozzle for steaming and cook 15 minutes.
If cooking in a slow cooker, you can bake in the same tins. Bake for 10-15 minutes in the slow cooker (in the oven at 180 degrees). Translated from the French "cocotte" - "casserole", and this method of cooking is possible not only in the oven, but on a couple! The consistency of the steamed and baked eggs are very similar!
Result and a couple, and when baking is definitely tasty and original. And if not shapers? This is not a problem! Foil food wrap it around the Cup (for example) to the middle and do the bottom (wrapped edges) - ready to mold! ))) Such a "design" perfectly kept one egg.
Or, at the bottom of the form to put spaghetti (potatoes, pasta, rice, buckwheat), of course, ready! And as either steam or bake.
This "scrambled" and you will enjoy in one.
Serve as a garnish, and without it. All a pleasant appetite!!!
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