Sometimes you want to drink sweet drinks, but I imagine there preservatives put. There is a solution: to cook, the cooking process is very simple, and you can even kids to give! I offer you the recipe for Fanta, the taste is just like from the store! Poured a glass of girlfriend and ask her how she tastes. Her response: "Well, "Fanta". What?" What was her surprise when she learned that "Fanta" was prepared at home)


  • Water

    700 ml

  • Orange

    2 piece

  • Mandarin

    3 piece

  • Lemon

    1 piece

  • Sugar

    150 g

  • Water, carbonated

    500 ml


Fruit should be washed very carefully, as you will use the zest. So, from lemon with a knife or spatula thinly-thinly remove the zest. We only want the yellow part, keep the little white part of the lemon to our "Phantom" has not got, otherwise will taste bitter. And the white part just remove the lemon (or cut off). From remaining lemon, squeeze the juice. I, for one, fully in blender it twisted (bone previously removed).
The same process is repeated with oranges and tangerines. Thin orange zest, then squeeze the juice. In the photo, as you can see, orange is still dressed in white skin - take it off.
In a pan put the zest from the fruit, pour the juice, stir in the sugar.
Pour the boiling water and boil for just 1 minute. Cool and send it to the saucepan with our mixture in the fridge for 5 hours, let him insist and appears fabulous orange-lemon flavored taste.
Strain our syrup, mix with soda and you can drink! I mixed in proportion 1:1. Can be mixed all at once in a bottle, and can be portioned to mix just before serving.
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